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Broadband Systems Transformation: Upgrading from Legacy BSS/OSS

Broadband Systems Transformation: Upgrading from Legacy BSS/OSS

The old world of monolithic BSS/OSS billing systems attempting to "do it all" are over. Modern BSS/OSS players are starting to emerge as the future. Many BSS/OSS systems have yet to innovate rapidly, leaving their customers with dilapidated systems unsuitable for the modern world. With the focus more narrowly defined on providing faster and more reliable broadband to areas increasingly rural, organizations are evolving to accommodate and build for the future, not just today.

Broadband service providers must choose the best BSS/OSS system. At C Level, we recommend integrating with Oracle NetSuite to handle the ERP and Accounting functions. This allows choosing the best, cutting-edge BSS/OSS system while benefiting from the best mid-market ERP system Oracle NetSuite, ensuring scalability.


Legacy billing system traits

  • Poor integration capabilities
  • Lackluster user interface
  • Limited ERP/Accounting functionality
  • Expensive or poor customization options
  • Poor ongoing support
  • Regid, not flexible
  • Lack of visibility and reporting

Modern System Traits

  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Robust ERP and Accounting functionality
  • Extensive and cost-effective customization
  • Responsive and skilled ongoing support
  • Flexible
  • Excellent reporting and integration with analytics platforms
  • Cloud technologies
  • Acquisition Ready


Not a Billing System Replacement

Broadband billing systems (BSS/OSS) handle complex billing requirements, provisioning, and mapping functions. NetSuite is not here to replace any of these functions but can significantly improve the ERP & Accounting functions of the business, ensuring broadband providers can scale as they rapidly expand.



Splitting Off ERP

The most successful broadband organizations are choosing best-of-breed applications for ERP and BSS/OSS separately. With affordable cloud-based integration platforms like Celigo and Boomi, organizations of any size can integrate systems easily, often better than their much larger competitors. After these systems are in place, they are ready to scale without limitation!

Splitting Off ERP


Final Word

Undoubtedly, it is a race to get fiber in the ground across the nation. Don't let your legacy systems constrain you. The time to enable growth is now, not later. With C Level Analytics and Oracle NetSuite, you can have confidence you will have the best systems to scale quickly and effectively, as well as the ongoing responsive support you need. Not all NetSuite partners are equal. Who you choose as your implementation partner matters a great deal. C Level consultants are miles above the competition in skill, experience, and industry knowledge."

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